Brazilian Music Revival Analysis

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The Brazilian Music Revival in the underground dance music scene can foster cross-cultural appreciation and education. The rhythmic and emotive nature of Brazilian music, which draws on a wealth of intermingled ethnicities and cultures, has inevitably found a home in Melbourne’s dance orientated music scene. This essay will explore the presence and respect for Brazilian music in Melbourne and internationally whilst highlighting how this increased popularity and the associated cultural exploration can foster cross cultural exchange and tolerance. Brazilian Music in Melbourne's Underground The popularity of Brazilian music has risen dramatically in Melbourne’s underground music scene in the past decade. Underground dance music has prided itself…show more content…
As previously highlighted, Brazilian music is well established in Melbourne with a growing number of listeners. Studies show that simply listening to and gaining an “appreciation for different music develops respect and tolerance” for other cultures even if no understanding of the events that led to its creations have been provided. Acknowledgment of the creative endeavours of others from a purely artistic standpoint, leads to a more complex and in depth view of other cultures which are often misrepresented in mainstream media. Many local Melbourne radio artists are actively trying to encourage discussion and understanding of the ethnocultural music they play. Music can be a means of promoting a dialogue between cultures through personal interaction and the creation of a safe space discuss and issue in a relaxed envirment. Shows on community radio stations such as PBS have had segments dedicated to 70’s and 80’s Brazilian music. The aim of them is to not only highlight the beauty of the music, but also educate listeners on the political unrest at the time, which lead to the exile of many celebrated artists, whose music became a form of rebellion and protest. By actively contextualising music, radio hosts can encourage listens to further explore the social and political events which inspired their…show more content…
In the words of Jane Southcott, Monash University’s Associate Professor of music education, “Music with its nation building potential has the ability to build bridges to cross the divide in our diverse community”. Figures: Figure 1, Marcos Valle’s portrait in the Wax’o paradiso logo ca. 2014 References: Nethsinghe, Rohan. Finding balance in a mix of culture: Appreciation of diversity through multicultural music education, Sage Publishing, (2012) Einbinder, Mary. Cultural diplomacy, Harmonizing international relations through music, New York University, (2013) Harrison, Duncan. Kowton explains why Dekmantel is the DJ’s festival of choice. Thump, (2016) Eede, Christian. Ecstatic Abandon, Dekmantel festival reviewed. The Quietus, (2015) Adriana, Opalakia with Not Quite Disco, PBS FM, streaming audio, (16 Jan 2017) Image source: Wax’o Paradiso soundcloud ca.2015:
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