Breach Of Speaking English

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A. I hypothesize that in the United States the expected primary language of communication is English. B. For my breach, I will be speaking a language other than English when communicating n public. More specifically, I will be speaking Farsi, which is the native language of Iran to a Target employee, when I am attempting to find where the slipper aisle is located. In order to, prove my hypothesis is correct, I will observe the person whom I am speaking to for a negative or positive reaction. Furthermore, because a negative reaction supports speaking English is a cultural norm it will support my hypotheses, however, if a positive reaction is observed then the hypothesis I created will be proven wrong. C. To breach, I spoke Farsi to a target employee, who’s primary language was English. D.…show more content…
The immediate reaction of my subject consisted of a neck jerk, small laugh, and the polite response of “I am sorry can you repeat yourself”. I then repeated myself, and this time she came to realize I was speaking a language other than English, her response this time with a minor eye roll was “I can only speak English”. I then moved onto to a game of shardes, acting out what I needed (slippers), pointing to various objects with her guessing what I needed. She was now becoming evidently annoyed, to a point where she said “If you can understand what I am saying why can you not speak English”, additionally, her voice was becoming more aggressive too. As this was such a great response, I became lost for words, and she began to wave her manger, as a result, I admitted to her this skit was for my Sociology HW. Consequently, her small came back and she began to blush. I politely apologized for the inconvenience, but in the end I did ask where the slippers were. Lastly, those around her were also smiling as it seems they must of observed th
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