Breaching Experiment

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Breaching Experiment Name Class Affiliation Instructor Date In social psychology and sociology field, a breaching experiment is one that evaluates the reaction of people to violation of accepted norms. The experiments consist of the exhibition of conscious engender, and social structure analysis that make the social reaction possible. In today’s world, it seems everybody owns a mobile phone, and when people are in public areas, particularly a library, it is a social norm to either put it off or put it in a silent mode. But for my breaching experiment I wanted to break this social norm by going to the library and put my phone on, on full volume and see how people around me would react. Some of the reactions were surprising, but…show more content…
After I had settled, the first call came through, my phone rang for three times and there was no reaction from the people studying. After some minutes, he called again, and my phone rang for six times, and I did not answer, and the people in the room did not alert me the phone was ringing. Lastly, during the third call, the phone rang again and finally one of the persons alerted me the phone was ringing. After he had told me, I stepped out of the room like I was going to see who was calling and maybe called them back. When I came back and asked the rest of the people in the room if they noticed what was going on, they said they did not realize I was doing it intentionally. They told me that they thought I could not hear the phone since the music I was listening to was louder than the volume of the ringtone. This section of the experiment surprised me, to realize if my phone rang (and if it was something vital) and if truly I could not hear it, the people in the room could have not told me for the first or second time. The second part of my breaching experiment made me think if it was a real life scenario, and if my phone rang, whether I could trust someone to tell me. Nevertheless the person who informed me that my phone was ringing was a friend I met last year, which made me think of what would have happened if he were not in the room. I violated a social norm in my experiment by putting my phone on full volume in places where people normally have their
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