Bread Givers By The Yezierska

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Bread Givers by Anzia Yezierska is a story primarily about a young girl Sara Smolinsky who comes from poverty, rejection, and countless amount of failures faced as a child. Throughout the novel Sara Smolinsky unluckily never actually gets to thrive as a grown-up due to the continuous amount of obstacles that she is confronted by in the world and time that she lives in. Sara Smolinsky, who is the protagonist throughout the novel, happens to be one of four girls in her family. Out of her 3 other sisters, she’s the one who strives with the most determination for her independence away from her family, as well as wanting to be able to take care of herself. In order to attain this objective Sara knows she needs to isolate herself from the hold her family has on her and journey elsewhere. This restriction and limitation in which her family has amongst her, doesn’t just affect her but her sisters as well, interfering with what they really desire in life. One person that is truly affected by her family limitations is Sara’s oldest sister Bessie. Bessie is known as the “burden bearer” of the family. The Smolinsky’s sincerely depend on Bessie to contribute her wages to the family’s well being, and it is apparent that if she seems to live up to her fathers standards to make good enough money, the family will certainly plummet into pieces. “And the whole family were hanging on Bessie’s neck for her wages. Unless she got work soon, we’d be thrown in the street to shame and to laughter
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