Bread Givers

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Success is achieved by hard work and dedication. In Anzia Yezierska’s book “Bread Givers” Sara Smolinsky shows how that applied to her life. The author can relate to the story because she was an immigrant from a small Polish village and had to overcome many obstacles to become successful. She rebelled against her parents’ wishes of following the traditional path of a women immigrant and left home at the age of seventeen to live at the Clara de Hirsch home for working girls. The American dream for most female immigrants was the expectation of marriage and motherhood, a factory job, or if they were lucky a salesgirl. As for Sara and Anzia, that was not enough for either of them. The goal of Yezierska in her books were to recreate the…show more content…
The father decides that he can’t live without the wages Bessie brings in so he denies her of marrying Berel. He tries to convince Bessie to defy her crazy father and marry him but Bessie says she doesn’t dare. Berel promptly gets engaged to someone else, crushing Bessie’s spirit. Mashah is the next daughter to find a romance that the father considers inappropriate. She falls in love with Jacob Novak, a piano player from a rich family. Mr. Smolinsky blackmails Jacob into staying away for several days and ends up breaking Mashah’s heart. When Jacob comes back to beg for forgiveness, Mashah feels defeated enough to stand by and let her father kick Jacob out. The father also disapproves of Fania’s sweetheart; a poor poet named Morris. Their father then arranges marriages for all three girls, which leaves them all desperately unhappy. Family obligation is more important than independence in “Bread Givers”. It is what most often holds characters back from getting what they really want. Both Bessie and Mashah lose the people they want to be with forever because of their obligations to their family. The father ruled every part of the daughters’ lives and it eventually resulted in Sara running away from home because she couldn’t take it anymore. Sara rents a small, dirty, private room of her own after deciding to move out. She finds a day job in laundry, and
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