Bread Is The Devil Research Paper

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You eat ice-cream when you're stressed. Or you munch on buttery popcorn when you're bored. It's not that you don't know better, it's just that the devil made you do it.

Or make that three diet devils that can turn your clean-as-a-whistle eating habits into instant dieter's remorse, depending on which little devil is whispering sweet nothings into your ear, says Heather Bauer, a renowned US registered dietitian and author of Bread is the Devil: Win the Weight Loss Battle by Taking Control of Your Diet Demons (St Martin's Press, $34).

"People are not clueless about what to eat," she explains, "but most are vulnerable to one or more devils that prompt them to eat too much and too often." Here are Bauer's diet devils.

Freestyle dieting
Need to lose 5kg? If you're a freestyle dieter, you'll cut out booze, carbs, sweets or just 'eat right' for a while. "Usually by the end of the first week, you're right back where you started because 'something came up' a party, a dinner out, a trip," she says. "Without a plan and a real commitment to lose, it's very difficult to be successful at long-term weight loss."
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"Writing down what you eat helps you keep track of what you're actually putting in your mouth," says Bauer. Forget about extreme diets and embrace 'phase eating', suggests Bauer. "Simply eat the same healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner day after day for a stretch of time," she explains. Find one or two healthy meals you like and rotate them for a week. The less you focus on food, the easier it is to lose
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