Breadtalk Pest Analysis

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BreadTalk Group Limited PESTEL, SWOT and the Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
1.0 Introduction
The objective of this paper is to analyze some of the information concerning one of the Singapore companies, including the brief history, PESTEL and SWOT analysis, the Porter’s Five Forces analysis, together with the recommendations that can assist the company to overcome the challenges it might be facing.
The BreadTalk Group Limited is a company listed as Singaporean bakery which was founded in 2000. The company has rapidly increased and it operates a series of retail outlets whereby it handles a wide range of cakes, bread, pastries and buns. This company has become a distinctive owner of household brand which has established its presence in the whole world with its restaurant, bakery, and the food atrium footprints. The company’s brand portfolio includes the Toast Box, BreadTalk®, bread society, Din Tai Fung, food republic, the icing room, RamenPlay, Thye Moh Chan ant the Carl’s Jr. in China. The company has the staff strength globally of 70,000 and a network in 17 countries or territories of close to 1000 outlets such as Singapore, Middle East, China and Hong Kong. The company manages more than 10 Michelin Star
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All organizations that are within the industry of food processing are forced to cut and innovate costs in order to remain competitive to block new entrants, because as the new entrants will join the market having lower cost and more clear understanding of customers or consumer needs by availing more innovative services and products. The increased globalization and the trade barriers has generated opportunities and challenges to BreadTalk as it can join the market by emerging the companies in countries that are politically stable to explore new markets especially in the market where bread might be a
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