Break A Cultural Rule Of Coffee Shop

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The assignment for this paper was to break a cultural rule that is followed by the people in the United States. Rules serve to be the groundwork of a society and what makes every society across the globe exclusive in their own way. The rule I anticipated on breaching was, instead of sitting on the chairs and sofas I intended to sit on the floor at coffee shops, dressed in our best suits and ball gowns. My goal was to test a simple yet barely broken cultural rule of coffee shop etiquettes.
My hypothesis was that we would get bizarre expressions along with a few chuckles and even the occasional question of, “What are you guys doing, do you need a place to sit?” I hypnotized that the common thing in both the responses would be that both types of people, the people just gazing and the people inquiring about our behavior care about the situation but one is a little bit more inquisitive than the other. The ones staring might just frown at the rule breaking because they think it’s inappropriate or they didn’t find the courage to come up to us and ask us about our coffee shop etiquettes.
When I was walking to the coffee shop in my ball gown, I kept thinking about all the things that people could be saying about me as well as the expressions I would get. Then, I went for it, I got my coffee and sat on the floor! However, I felt a little uncomfortable and self-conscious due to the way people were looking at me. One woman’s comment made me particularly uncomfortable. She said,” First…

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