Break Dancing Essay

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Break Dancing Most people have heard of break dancing and have been amazed and mystified by the extraordinary movement, but what is it really and where did originate from? Many people have influenced the history of break dancing and will continue to. From being a recreational sport it has become competitive and addictive to hundreds of people all around the world as some of the greats of the business like Kujo to the new learners experiment and progress further the sport will never die out. Break dancing was created in the 1980s where it was powered by the media for a couple of years until it crashed out of the lime light. But it continued and became one of the four major parts of the hip hop…show more content…
This led to people rehearsing their moves and creating and better ones that were more complex by increasing speed, form and the complicity of moves. As money could not be made from break dancing music was promoted which in turn led to break dancing hitting clubs and parties as the music took off songs like “Get on the Good Foot” by James Brown lead to huge developments economically. Break dancing once again came back into the light. By the 1980s a man named Afrika Bambaataa appeared out of no where on to the scene a master DJ releasing “Looking for the Perfect Beat” which was enjoyed by all music critics reaching number 4 in the American charts and he evidentially became a record producer. Afrika Bambaataa then started a new crew know as The Zulu Kings. They made hundreds of appearances all over New York and getting thousands of supporters. The old style of break dancing was much simpler then you see today, the moves were more around fast moving leg work which was composed of floor work or floor rock this is now known as old-style breaking. The movements were speeded up so that they looked far more complex then they actually are and it wasn’t long till most people had there own style battling each other. As the gangs only started practicing break dancing they renamed their group into crews which is the more update word that is used today.
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