Break From Work

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Taking a break from work?
Bro, what does that suppose to mean?
Why are you so lazy? You're lying to God and you promoised to work hard.
Your parents worry when you're not working.
Don't change jobs too often, bro; you will rude your resume, boi.
Find a reference, get into a good company, and never quit whatever happens.
Don't get a job you hate for the rest of your life, otherwise you will regret later.
Once you found the right job, you will enjoy being at work with your work mates.
Perhaps you maybe interesting in working in the HR department.

No shiela? See! You...'re a liar!
Damn, you tell your friends, your family and everyone
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What's wrong with you?
I thought you send me an email to invite me to your wedding.
William is in Melbourne, living in box hill with the chinese bois.
Will is gay too. He's living with the bois.
He moved into Box Hill, the Chinatown!
Moving there is like walking into the library at uni.
All he sees is Chinese and he doesn't need to speak English at
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He must be eating rice or noodle instead of sandwitch or pizza.
Tell em that he can hook up with the students who study at MLC in Box Hill.
They are fun and fresh, and also he can practise his Chinese with them or becomes their English tutor.

Will is a shit bro; he never send me any email.
He must be wearing his Coca-Cola T-shirt, playing either GTA 5 or Titanfall 2 with his Chinese bois.
Maybe he is topless, talking to the dumbbell or looking at his muscles in the mirror.
After he had a hot roast chicken from Woolworths, he continues playing games or working out.
Bad bro . . . bad bro . . .

Wei probably got a girlfriend already because he looks like Juntio and act like Juntio as
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