Breakdown Of The Legislative Process

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Breakdown of the Legislative Process: In the current political climate in the Iowa Statehouse can be very toxic for bills that are novel and are trying to push the envelope on issues. Currently, House is where these types of bills go to die. There is very little support for progressive legislation in the House. With Republicans having a 57 to 43 Democratic margin in the House; it would be best to start the bill in the Senate. While margin of the majority in the Senate is much closer, with 26 Democrats to 24 Republicans, it will not be easy to pass this bill in the Senate, but there passage has much better odds. Because the Democrats hold the majority in the Senate, committee leaders are Democrats. If the bill is to have any chance at…show more content…
This means that passing a law that has environmental issues would be easier in the Senate than in the Republican controlled House. To get the bill started we would need to persuade Dick Dearden, the Chair of the Natural Resources Committee. This would allow the bill to have as little attention as possible, because Natural Resources tends to be a noncontroversial committee, where many issues are passed out of committee on unanimously. Senator Dearden is also the perfect person for the job. He has seen the effects that regulation can have on the environment. In a conversation with the Senator he said that when he was younger he had to clean off toilet paper off his fishing line when fishing in the Des Moines River. I believe that he would support green infrastructure conservation issues such as this because he knows that water quality is a major issue in the state. Another reason why Senator Dearden is the best starting place for this bill is because he is retiring, he won’t have to face reelection in 2016. This means that he can handle politically “hot” issues without any repercussions in the election cycle. The Natural Resources ranking member is Senator Ken Rozenboom, and getting him to sign off on the bill will be more difficult because he is very conservative. This is where we are going
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