Breakdown The Global Issue Of Health

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In chapter twelve, Snarr talks breakdown the global issue of health. The chapter broadens the definition of healthcare to not only just fighting off diseases, but also takes the well being of human being into consideration. The major problems we encounter today in the world are in nutritional health, infectious diseases, reproductive health, and mental health issues. The chapter also breaks down each major problem and how it might have different effects based on the regions, and the role of education in healthcare. We see throughout the chapter how problems affect the developed countries and the developing countries differently. Finally, the chapter shows the success of treatment and the ongoing battle that the world is dealing with today. Nutritional health according to Snarr has different objectives for example; N. America wants to achieve a trans-fat free food, while Africa and S. America people are undernourished. For our chapter, good nutrition means having good amounts of proteins, vitamins, fats, minerals, and calories to have good health and growth. Food security is explained as ability to get and keep food which depends on the amount of land for farming and the population of a region. Political conflicts, disease, welfare, and climate are major factors that affect food security. Undernutrition is a key problem in developing world and it has major consequences like speeding up the rate of disease and slowing down worker productivity. While overnutrition is a problem
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