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"Breakfast of Champions" In Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions, the narrator believes Americans are doing the best to live "like the characters in story books" (pg. 49). He believes that the problems our planet faces are a direct result of our individual desires to attain our story book perfect lives. Through this "colorful" and outrageous story of two white men, Kilgore Trout and Dwayne Hoover, Vonnegut twists in some of his concerns and criticisms of the typical American life with humor and sarcasm. His criterion is so insightful and ahead of his time that I could not believe it was published in 1973. Living these "story book" lives "encourages people to kill one another and themselves for the effect of a dramatic ending" (pg.…show more content…
We no longer stop to enjoy the beautiful things and sites around us and instead we surround ourselves with the ordinary. He addresses slavery in a very peculiar way. I don't think many today would openly make the sorts of statements he made, but he did have a point. Which explains why after slaves were freed in the North, they still were not allowed to own property or vote for decades. "They used human beings like machinery, and even after slavery was eliminated, because it was so embarrassing, they and their descendants continued to think of ordinary human beings as machines" (pg. 11). He concedes that slavery was wrong, but because it had been a way of life for so long, it was difficult to overcome the need for it. "The victors in that war were cheated out of the most desirable spoils of that war, which were human slaves" (pg. 164). Doing away with slavery was a monumental success for this country and a great step towards creating the America we know today, but then it meant more paid laborers and less money available to land owners, so they weren't that willing to accept change. "Earthling's use automobiles to destroy their own planet" was what Vonnegut called "plague on wheels" (170). With automobiles roaming the road, more roads need to be constructed leaving very little available free space. The car's exhaust emits emissions that break down our sun protection
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