Breaking Bad Analysis Essay : Breaking Stupid

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Breaking Bad Analysis Essay A man wearing nothing but his underwear and a gas mask swerving his RV down the sandy highway of the New Mexico desert. In the RV , there is a Teenager with a gas mask passed out in the front seat and two men dead on the floor of the RV. The RV has crashed into the ditch and the driver who is wearing a gas mask,Walter White, climbs out gasps for air. He put on a shirt that was hanging from the side of the window and ran back into the RV to grab a video camera, wallet and a gun. He then records a video message to his family saying that he loves them and saying goodbye. meanwhile ,he heard the sirens approaching so placed the video camera and wallet down side by side and walks into the road with a gun in hand. Through the camera angles , changing of behavior and family interactions Walter White, who is diagnose with cancer, changes from a healthy dad and husband to a dangerous meth cooker. In the Breaking Bad episode Pilot, there is lots of scenes with different camera angles. The camera angle shows the specific location where the camera is set to take the shot. Camera angles can also show the mood of the scene or the characters’ point of view. The main shot that is use in many scenes are the low angle and the high angle. Of course , there are other angles too, like the extreme long shot, long shot, medium shot, close up shot and the extreme close up shot. Each of those individual angle has a different mood, it describes the mood and

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