Breaking Bad And Orange Is The New Black

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Breaking Bad and Orange Is the New Black (OITNB) have seemed to make breakthroughs in the entertainment world. Both shows have a vast following as they have proven how exciting and dramatic television can be. One, depicting the life of middle aged drug kingpin and the other exploring the life inside of a female penitentiary. From an entertainment perspective, both show will leave its viewers on the edge of their seats anticipating what will happen next. However, it is highly interesting to examine both TV series from a critical point of view to understand the concepts and idea’s used to convey diversity. Both Breaking Bad (BB) and OITNB address the issues of diversity in a social context. By evaluating and criticizing several forms of diversity, we can see how each show either accepts or challenges our perception of diversity in the mainstream industry. Also by critically breaking down character roles, scenes, and themes of both TV series, we can understand how influenced our social understandings and perspectives are. Lastly, by explicitly focusing on the themes of sex, masculinity and femininity, which all formulate the concept of gender as well as exploring the depiction of criminality, this paper will critique how BB and OITNB approach diversity. A contrast between the two series will also be made by evaluating secondary themes such as behavior, stereotyping as well as the characteristics of the mainstream culture in order to understand the depiction of diversity…

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