Breaking Bad Fits Under The Crime Drama Genre

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A meth cook hero? After a middle class, high school chemistry teacher gets knowledge of his death, he turns to his knowledge of chemistry to climb the ranks of the Albuquerque, NM Crystal Meth syndicate and become a master Meth cook. After a ride along with his brother, a Drug Enforcement Administration Agent, and learning of all the money to be made, Walter White chose to try his luck. Breaking Bad, a television series on AMC, is a strange twist on American family drama in that it adds the element of crime. Breaking Bad fits under the Crime-Drama genre because it features an average family’s struggles, entangled into the husband’s secret life of criminal activity.
The series demonstrates how chasing money can cause one’s sense of morality to be blurred, and how our actions can affect our families. An average law abiding citizen’s morals are subject to change to protect the ones they love. Everything about the show down to the casting has significance to the plot. I will start by showing how the main character’s morality changes throughout the story, how the use of certain characters brings relevance to plot, and then I will show how the change in Walter also affected his family causing them to change as well.
As the show begins, Walter is a timid introvert that is strongly against any anti-social action. Walter is an average family man; he works two full time jobs in order to support them. When Walter begins joins the meth business, he works his way to the top, almost…
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