Breaking Boundaries - The Arrival Of Vr Casino Gaming

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Blog 7 – Breaking boundaries – The arrival of VR casino gaming – Part 1

The medium of Virtual Reality is hardly a brand new concept; in fact it has been around since the late 1980s in one form of another. Back then it seemed to be viewed as some form of science-fiction technology and was shunned far more than it was embraced. Many turned their back on the idea of VR before even using it, which in many ways unfair to the medium. However, after a failed attempt to re-launch the idea back in the 1990s and 2000s, in 2015 the idea looks to be back with a vengeance.

Through several years of dedicated development, it looks like the online casino industry is about get a taste for what VR is all about. But why the concept looks to be both
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Allowing players to move around, they can freely visit the bar, play the cards, spin the slots, or simply just take in the view. The entire SlotsMillions design has been crafted with what looks like painstaking precision. While it is without doubt visually impressive, there could very well be some roadblocks ahead should SlotsMillions want to release their new creation to the public.

Legal Objection

Regulation has always been a tricky business when it comes to online casino development, as colouring within the lines can sometimes be a challenge. When constructing their VR casino SlotsMillion, the company worked closely with Maltese regulators and unearthed some major legal practising issues. This is because where it is a VR experience; many feel that it should adhere to land-based casino operation regulations. It has all made for quite an odd legal stance as far as creation is concerned. It is clear that before reaching the market, if it ever does, the concept faces some serious regulatory challenges. In fact, there are some markets that may opt to outlaw the concept due to the doubts and complications that surround it. Conceptually VR casino gaming is revolutionary, but it seems that from a regulatory standpoint it sill remains a grey area to some.

Anticipated Arrival

VR technology is finally entering the
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