Breaking Down Doors

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Breaking Down Doors No single person opened as many doors as Jackie Robinson. The greatest athletes of all time would have never been anything if it were not for his journey. Jackie broke the color barrier in professional sports, up until the time that he played in there were only white males were playing professionally. If it is even possible, try and imagine a world with no Michael Jordan, no Barry Sanders, or no Barry Bonds. They were all arguably the greatest in their respective sports, if not for the one and only Jackie Robinson they would have been working a regular minimum wage paying nine to five job. Furthermore, this definitely was no easy road traveled. Even though this is such a touching story and sounds so perfect, it was…show more content…
His teammates did not do this at first; and, they were completely against him at the beginning. But as time grew on, they saw the things he was going through for no reason. They were on his side and had his back in situations like that. Other white people frowned upon them because of their love for Jackie. According to Rubie Obias, a writer for a magazine, “Jackie” Roosevelt Robinson was born January 31, 1919 in Georgia” (2012). But later his family would end up moving to California. He had four siblings, Edgar, Frank, Matthew “Mack,” and Willa Mae Robinson (Obias, 2012). He later married his wife, who he met while he was in college. He would have three kids, Jackie Jr., Sharron, and David Robinson (Obias, 2012). Jackie was not the only athlete in his family. According to the official site for Jackie Robinson, “When he was growing up, he was always over shadowed by his brother Mack (2011). This is where Jackie would gain his constant competitive spirit. When someone is never as good as their older sibling that they look up too, it is one of the hardest things to handle. They always want to be just as good as them, and never be known as their “little brother”. In the summer Olympics in 1932, Mack would win a silver medal in the 200-meter sprint (Jackie Robinson Official Site, 2011).. How would Jackie be able to top this? He
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