Breaking Down Gender Roles : Analysis

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Kaveen Herath
HON 296 003 Fiction and the Sciences
Dr. C. Mainland Breaking Down Gender Roles Schnitzler’s Fräulein Else is a first-person stream-of-consciousness narrative about Else, a nineteen year old girl living in the 1900s. By writing as a stream of consciousness, Schnitzler provides the reader with a first-person account of everything that happened, and Else’s reasons for each of her actions. Else is told by her family to ask for money from a family friend, Mr. Dorsday, and the story flows with this incident, as she tries to get some money while keeping her dignity at the same time. As the story progresses, it is evident that Else is rebelling against all the gender roles imposed on her and the Bourgeois family structure at the time, and taking control of her own life. Else’s view of the world, and Else 's view of her mother’s actions both imply that she is struggling to break away from the norm, and trying to be her own unique person. There are several points throughout the story where Else heavily criticizes her mother’s actions, and behaviors. Else sees her mother as someone who is clueless about her surroundings, and only attempt to be a good wife. According to Else her mother fits into the role of a perfect wife in a Bourgeois family, and Else hates and despises her for that. In Else’s thoughts her mother is always displayed in a negative light, and Else states several times that she doesn 't want to be like her mother. Else recalls when her mother
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