Breaking Free from Society's Expectations and Achieving Opportunities to Impact the World around You

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Within our society, there are a variety of degrading identities that are too often assumed upon people. Because of this occurrence, an individual has little control on how the general public views them. However, one deciding factor that can change how you are portrayed to society is your knowledge and education. Through education, individuals can break free from society’s expectations and achieve opportunities to impact the world around them. Despite society’s conception on individuals, education provides a resolution to change the assumed identity given to them. Hundreds of years ago, social status was genuinely set in stone; noble families stayed in power while workers and peasants struggled to get by. As more and more advancements…show more content…
Not only did reading bring him pleasure, but he found purpose in his new found hobby, “I was trying to save my life.” Reading brought him new knowledge and that constant learning impacted his life to break away from what society expected him to be; a lazy, slacking young man who cared little for education. In both scenarios, two men change how they are perceived in society, becoming someone people thought they couldn’t be. Malcom X is yet another example of how education can break assumed identities. Growing up with a troubled background, Malcom X found himself an illiterate young man stuck behind the cold bars of prison. In this time, he did not sulk. He did quite the opposite; he matured. The community expected Malcom X to stay uneducated, to be the same man he was when he entered that cell block. They were wrong. With the use of books, Malcom X expanded not only his vocabulary but his general knowledge as a whole. The newly found definitions of words broadened his understanding of literature, giving him the ability “to understand what the book was saying.” (Malcom X, pg. 259) From this knowledge, Malcom X was able to break free from his previous identity; allowing him to become someone who society never would have expected. Limitations set by society are too often than not, difficult to be broken. Education is one of the few keys that allows the restrictive lock to be broken, bringing a new life, a new identity, to

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