Breaking News Stereotypes

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Breaking news: Obama Actually Gay Muslim, Bin Laden Lives. This is a headline from Fox news where they press judgement on President Obama based off their conservative beliefs and his heritage. Examples like these surround the country as news stations take biased stands, while citizens do not realize that these networks are politically affiliated. Some people do argue that these organizations have the right to choose which side they want to represent. Many could argue that citizens who do not believe in the same political beliefs could change the channel when this specific news broadcast is on, but citizens who do not have the knowledge to understand which side is being wrongly portrayed will not change the channel. News stations should not give information based off political background, because it adds bias opinions to factual daily news. During election season network news channels such as Fox place more emphasis on the political candidates of their parties. Just like any other job there is a certain Code of Ethics one must follow as a broadcast journalist. According to SPJ Code of Ethics (2014), In this specific Code of Ethics one must: take responsibility for the action of their work, consider sources motives’ before promising anonymity, be vigilant or courageous about holding those with…show more content…
The public relies on the media as a source for accurate information on current events and political happenings. However, if the information they are gaining from news networks and internet sources is false, then there is no point to the information being reported at all, and in fact is only decreasing people’s knowledge of the truth. The media is important to people’s livelihoods and helps our country to function successfully, for this reason they should only publish bias-free press. Political bias that is being portrayed as an accident and how reporters are abusing their voice, should be issues that are not taken
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