Breaking News: The President Addresses The American People

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Breaking News: The President addresses the American people on live TV from the oval office: My fellow Americans: As promised during my presidential campaign, today we passed legislation proposing that all employers are required to offer health insurance. The United States of America is the leading nation of the free world. We have the moral obligation to take executive actions to take care of our citizens by providing health care access to all. From the late 1800s to the present day the delivery of health care in our country has been an issue of debate, and the campaign for some form of universal government-funded health care has stretched for nearly a century (Julie Pease, M.D., 2003). All Americans have the right to health care and…show more content…
Description of visual pictures: Pictures will show workers happy with the new law mandating employers to provide health benefits to all employees. Workers will show excitement and signs of victory. • America will move forward towards having all citizens covered under a health plan. Families and individuals will have regular access to primary health care providers and this will ensure high health indicators, reduce mortality rate, focus on prevention, reduce the cost of medications and unnecessary testing. The new law mandates the government to implement a single payer system: • Health practitioner and health care facilities will receive bundle payments directly from the federal government in single payments. According to a study conducted in 1991 by the General Accounting Office, national health insurance (a single-payer plan) would save the United States more than 10% of all health care costs annually by reducing paperwork, and this saved money alone would adequately cover the uninsured and provide better long-term care, home care, and medication coverage for the entire population (McDermott, 1994). • Health practitioners and facilities must implement electronic medical records to avoid mistakes and unnecessary testing. Description of visual pictures: Pictures will demonstrate the examples of how technology, computers, and software will affect positively the health care delivery. Visual
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