Breaking The Cycle Of Poverty In Haiti

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Poverty is a major international issue. With so much focus on politics, war, natural disasters, and environmental issues, poverty is not prioritized. When extremists rally their members to help them, impoverished people account for a large portion of the supporters. When a person is undernourished and does not have shelter, it is easier to convince that person to join an extremist or violent group, especially if basic human necessitates such as food, water, and shelter, are promised to be provided. According to the World Bank, in 2012 896 million people around the world were living under $1.90 per day. Starvation should never be the cause of death for anyone. There are many international organizations fighting against poverty but the money…show more content…
My grandmother began to instill in me the value of education but unfortunately it did not hit me until she passed away. The only method of breaking the cycle of poverty is with the help of God and education, but there also must be people around the world who are willing to fully take a stand against poverty. Being Haitian has caused me to realize that poverty can sometimes be a direct result of inequality and unfair policies and laws. My people are constantly being shown to the world as a country that is impoverished, most people do not know that Haiti is a beautiful country. Haiti’s current state of poverty is a result of numerous factors, including international boycott of goods, French debt, and the United States occupation. How could a country that was the richest colony on earth, end up being the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere today? Through the horrid earthquake that occurred in 2010 to Hurricane Matthew that struck in 2016, Haiti has endured many struggles, but the land of high mountains will stand
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