Breaking The Disney Spell By Jack Zipes

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Nathalie Lopez English 430 - TR 11:40-1:20 March 10, 2016 Breaking the Disney Spell “Breaking the Disney Spell” by Jack Zipes talks about Walt Disney’s early adaptations of folk and fairy tales. Zipes talks about even after Disney’s death “the man’s spell over the fairy tale seems to live” (333). This to me has a double meaning which is, that Disney is so know that he literally has a spell on people or how even though the the man figure in the fairy tales never do much they are still very important. Zipes talks about how the oral folktale went from and oral to written, then to film. He describes the written tales as being a violation of the folk tale because it was based on separation of social classes. Even though printed versions “enabled the tales to be preserved and cultivated,” they violated forms and concerns of those that could not read (336). Then he goes on to say that the images of film were a violation to the written versions “for the images imposed themselves on the text” (338). The essay talks about how Disney first started and even how he was at a point of his life in bankruptcy. Zipes states, “He cast a spell over this German tale and transformed it into something peculiarly American” (347). He says how Disney changed the written tales to fit his life and based then on himself and society. Disney is so big with Americans because of the “male myth,” which is about perseverance, hard work, dedication, loyalty, and justice. “Disney always wanted to do something
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