Breaking The Ice As A Philosopher For A Week

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Breaking the ice as a Philosopher for a week

Since what we do is a reaction to some form of stimuli, I do to some extent, believe that we are basically a 'Blank Slate ' and most of our behaviors are influenced and shaped by the environment we grow up in. Our background says a lot about our character and functionality. We will take what we have learned from one community to the next; that is called experience. Humans adapt and conform to fit in and to survive so throughout our lifetime we accumulate a lot of experiences that control our actions and the way we make decisions or respond to variables. I migrated from Jamaica five years ago. Jamaica is where all of my childhood and adulthood behaviors were learned. It is a different environment with different laws, norms, and culture, so my behavior was formulated to survive in that social and economic climate. The stimuli were different so my reactions were different. When I came to the United States, I had to conform and adapt to a new culture, law, norms, and social variables. Based on my prior understanding about human interaction I was able to successful transform and assimilate myself into a new way of life. Even though I am in a different place with different values my knowledge of Jamaica never change because whenever I go back there, I have to adjust to cope with the lifestyle I once knew and accustom to. Hence, the popular saying; 'we live what we learn. ' This force us to take a closer look at our personality and

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