Breaking Through by Francisco Jimenez Lessons Learned Essay

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Top 10: Book Lessons Breaking Through by Francisco Jimenez 1. Breaking down barriers To break down a barrier, means to have an open-mind set to who you talk to, look at, and judge. In the book, Francisco experiences racial barriers that are created in his school. The students at his school easily judge others by their appearances and race. Since Francisco is Mexican, he is treated differently than others and faces hard times as he tries to “fit in”. 2. Striving for a better way of life The Jimenez’s come to America to strive for a better life and lifestyle. They search for job opportunities and a proper education for their children. Despite the fact they are here illegally, they work and go to school like normal human beings. The…show more content…
He made me realize that the greatest weapon is the weapon of silence. If you don’t say anything about it, then they will soon go away and you should learn to ignore it. This soon leads to breaking the barrier of racism in his school. 7. Being proud of your heritage Being proud of your heritage can lead to good things. Francisco is harassed everyday for being a “poor Mexican” but he ignores it. By ignoring the problem, it is soon resolved as he lives his life. He receives the grade he wants and is scouted by many professors. Also, being proud of your heritage can lead to breaking the barriers of race. 8. Working hard to fulfill your dreams Francisco worked hard everyday of his illegal life. He worked hard by going to school and helps his parents in the field to provide them with food and shelter for their current living conditions. He made me learn that you have to work and be dedicated to what you want to get what you want. 9. Making friends and become a leader at school Making friends can lead to a better reputation where everyone knows you already enough to not criticize you. Francisco aims for a sufficient amount of close friends so that he does not get picked on and soon everyone just leaves him alone and is less judgmental. 10. Writing a story about your life Francisco writes this book and describes his adventures while living illegally in the U.S. He teaches kids around the world that racial barriers aren’t a bad thing but is a good

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