Breaking Toxic Relational Ties At The Years

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Breaking Toxic Relational Ties Over the years, the more I have worked in helping people, the more I see the need for toxic relational ties to be addressed. Not only are people struggling with certain bondages and strongholds, they also have deep relational ties with people, past and/or present that are keeping them tied to specific areas of bondage. NOTE: make sure nothing copied from online articles and/or Ransomed Heart In order for freedom to . . . This is necessary for those where certain key areas of bondage have a connection to a significant relationship in the person’s life. The Scriptures do not use the term relational tie (often called a soul tie), but the principles of people being ‘knit together’ and ‘two becoming one flesh’ is taught in the Word. These relational ties are intended to bind people together for good purposes, so that we become joint and knit together in the purposes of God. For example, in marriage, a relational tie binds a man and woman together in covenant marriage for life. A relational tie bonds friends in covenant unity and it also ties groups together who link arms for the sake of the Kingdom of God. At the same time, relational ties can also keep people bound to the spiritual bondage that came about through a particular relationship. These relational ties allow for a unity in the spirit realm for God or the demonic realm to manifest through our lives. For example, relational ties between married couples draw them together like

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