Breaking the Mode in Frida and Like Water for Chocolate Essay

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In her essay, Helene Cixous discusses the gender-based structure that women have been imposed. According to her findings in order to destabilize the masculine structure people need to question the connection between the writing and the sexuality in order to bring women from the nonexistence they have been. In the movies Frida and Like Water for Chocolate the two main characters Frida from Frida and Tita from Like Water for Chocolate are able to break free from the complex web of cultural determinations in order to challenge the predefined ideological system in which they were force to live.
Both of these films took place in the back stage of the Mexican Revolution. During 1900s women role was a submissive one and not a very visible one.
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Diego cheated on her countless times however society would expect as a women to remain in the margin. To the surprise of the society Kahlo also ended up cheating on him. Frida defeated society by defying all expectations of women role in society. She was able to go around about all the labeling give to women. It is clearly noticeable that she did not believe that there was dissimilarity between both sexes, but that they were equal.
In the movie Like Water for Chocolate the character of the story plays a different role then frida. Tita the main character of the story was more submissive then frida. In this movie the sense of cultural determination is shown through the fact that she was not allow to get married to Pedro because as tradition dictated her role as the younger daughter was to serve her mother until death.
Through Tita one is able to see the relationship between women and the society she and most women live in. Tita obeyed her mother without question, because it is what’s expected of her to do as her family said. It was a model presented by society for children to under no condition disregard their parents. Yet at the end of the story Tita managed to be with the love of her life.
Other notorious females figure that certainly agree with Cirxous belief is Getrudis’s character. I was able to perceive from this movie how Getrudis is a female revolutionary. According to society to hold such important role one must be
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