Breakthroughs: The Perpetuation Of Racism

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Journal 5: Breakthrough
I am thoroughly disgusted with the reality of my social position, but even more disgusted with the fact that it has taken this long too finally realize and admit to my role, however unintentional, in the perpetuation of racism. How have I lived this long without seeing how my life, my experience, and the opportunities given to me, are all the results of my white skin? How do we say we have come so far, when there is so much left to be done?
Warfield's article on Black history, Jame's letter to a high school teacher, and Clarke's letter to her daughter's principal all embody the desperation that this country needs to feel about our current social situation, their pleading messages of basic human equality bring to my mind
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Like any other language, English has a multitude of assorted dialects, some so different from the "Standard English" commonly spoken in American schools, that it creates conflicts between groups and a rift between the academic achievements of white students, and those students of color. African American students grew up at home speaking a form of English known as Black English. this language, which has a direct link to their cultural identity, is how the children best know how to communicate and therefore should be the manner in which these students are formally tested in reading and writing comprehension, while still learning the standard dialect (Delpit). Both Geneva Smitherman and Lisa Delpit stress the necessity for teachers to be educated in Black language and to hold a positive regard for the language and their students who speak it. The inclusion of other dialect into the curriculum demonstrates to the students that the teachers are taking the inclusion of diverse ethnic groups into the curriculum seriously. As of right now, teachers do not have this positive attitude toward black language, nor do they have it for their students who speak it. They inaccurately evaluate their students on their ability to read and write in Standard English, completely disregarding the fact competence should be measured by the child's ability to read and write in their dominant dialect, rather than in a language that is not natural to them (Delpit.) The sooner this belief is implemented in schools the sooner the achievement gap between white students and students of color can be
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