Breakthroughs in the Evolution of Art Essay

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Throughout history, art has been ever-changing. There are four main periods that I believe made breakthroughs in the evolution of art. Firstly, I will talk about Baroque, which is dark and emotional, that definitely reflects the political tensions during that time. Next, I will talk about Romanticism, which is based more on nature and outdoors. This period also showcases artwork that is light, happy, and more imaginative than previous periods. Then, I will show how Impressionism artwork is light and rather carefree. There were many people and objects that are shown. Finally, I will tell you about Fauvism, which is quite extreme and over the top. The paintings are abstract and interesting to look at. These are only four of the many art…show more content…
His paintings are ominous and kind of depressing. Two of his paintings are: Landscape with Dancing Figures and Apollo Guarding the Herds of Admetus. Landscape with Dancing Figures is a beautiful painting. Although it is colorful and bright, it still has an underlying tension. This painting feels very real. Apollo Guarding the Herds of Admetus has a nice contrast between the dark and light parts; it makes for a nice shadowy effect. This painting is unlike any other painting that I have seen from the Baroque period. You can tell that during the Baroque period, art was very important. I studied art from previous periods, and Baroque is completely original and a huge improvement. Romanticism is the next time period that I researched. A lot of this art featured nature, moods, passions, mental potentials, and heroes. This was a very spiritual time period, with many paintings showcasing: the mysterious, the occult, the diseased, and the satanic. This was a very freeing time-period, where many people started to move away from the church and started to think for themselves. A famous artist from this time was Richard Wilson. He was known as “…the most distinguished painter Wales has ever produced and the first to appreciate the aesthetic possibilities of his country.” he was also considered to be the father of landscape painting in Britain. Two of his paintings are: Apollo and the Seasons and River Scene with a Farmhouse. They are
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