Breakups Research Paper

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Just imagine how it would be like if you found someone to manage your love life in every state. Instead of a property management company, you will hear Lowell relationship management and Bradford relationship management. Apart from being funny it will actually help relationships become stronger and reduce the rate of divorces and breakups. Finding a manager to heal your broken heart, and fix your relationship with a magic wizard is not a common practice. You must know that there are reasons behind everything. So if you know the reasons behind breakups beforehand you can not only save your relationship, but also your self-esteem from being shattered. Moreover you can figure out how to prevent yourself from such situations. Nearly everyone has…show more content…
The first being the past fears meaning that you may have had a weak relationship in the past and you may not have healed your broken heart yet. It results in difficulty to trust your current partner or open your heart completely to him or her. Such incidents from past will inevitably bring up fears such as not being good enough, attractive enough, wealthy enough or even the feeling of abandonment. Second reason that leads to breakups is due to broken promises. Trust is the foundation of any relationship and once that is busted it is hard to rebuild it. Your words and promises are being watched closely by your partner, and every time you break a verbal agreement it could take you a step away from them. The feeling of not being loved, understood, appreciated or valued is the main reason why most marriages and relationships do not work out. Taking your relationship for granted and prioritizing other things over the loved one every time can make you regret for doing so. Being needy all the time can be the reason for a relationship crash. Demanding your partner to always be around and not allowing his or her space can irritate him or her and eventually result in a relationship
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