Breast Cancer : A Common Disease

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Cancer is a common disease in today’s society, more specifically breast cancer. We see people with little pink ribbons or a dedicated shirts to it on the street, stickers on cars, we even have a whole month dedicated to raise awareness about it, but what really is breast cancer? How long has it been around? How does it affect its victim?
Breast cancer is not a modern discovery and has been documented since ancient times, in almost every period of history. Unlike internal cancers, breast cancer is not as difficult to identify since the breast lumps turn into visible tumors in later stages. Even though breast cancer is more easily identified, it was left unmentioned and was considered an embarrassment therefore it was left undiagnosed. Only in the last three or four decades, women because more open to having this disease. More than 3,500 years ago, Ancient Egyptians were the first to record breast cancer. It was described somewhat accurately in two different papyri, one by Edwin Smith and one by George Ebers. In 460 B.C. the father of Western Medicine, Hippocrates, described breast cancer as a humoral disease. He indicated that an excess of black bile caused cancer, since hard tumors that erupted if left untreated had a black fluid. After Hippocrates, Galen also described cancer. He also implied that cancer had excessive black bile, but differs from Hippocrates by suggesting some tumors are more dangerous than others and offered suggestions of treatment: opium, castor oil,…
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