Breast Cancer : A Common Type Of Cancer Among Women Essay

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When people hear breast cancer, they usually think of women first. Unfortunately, breast cancer can affect men as well, although at a slight lower rate. However, it is the most common type of cancer among women. For women, the breast becomes an important organ during childbirth, primarily for breast-feeding. Of course, every organ is important as they play their own vital roles; however, the breast takes on a number of significant roles to keep the body properly functioning. Unfortunately, as with most parts of the body, the breast is susceptible to disease, the most important and deadly of which is cancer. Learning about breast cancer is incredibly important because plenty of men and women may not have knowledge about the symptoms, and as the war on cancer wages on, we are losing more and more victims. Breast cancer cannot only affect you, but your friends, family, and loved ones as well. Hopefully, talking about the anatomy and functions of the breast, the problems and symptoms of breast cancer, and how to prevent it will help expand awareness of breast cancer and learn exactly what it does to the human body. Breast cancer is most likely difficult to understand; therefore, it is primarily important to be familiar with the breast itself. Becoming aware of the different parts and functions of the breast will help better grasp the details of breast cancer, as discussing breast cancer will involve the reference of these terms. The breast, according to WebMD, is “the tissue…
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