Breast Cancer : A Devastating Disease

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Situation: Breast cancer is a devastating disease that has continued to take many lives throughout the years. This form of cancer is the second most cause of death after heart disease and while synonymous with women, breast cancer can also develop in men. However, breast cancer in men is very rare and it is estimated that only 150 men are diagnosed with breast cancer in New York each year as opposed to their female counterparts, of which an estimated number of 15,000 women are diagnosed each year. As it currently stands, the state of New York has a higher incidence rate of breast cancer than most states within the United States. Studies have indicated that New York residents living upstate have higher cancer rates than those downstate.
In recent years, the number of breast cancer cases have declined as a result of early detection and advanced treatment methods as a result of our continuing understand of the disease. Also attributed with the decline of breast cancer incidence rates is the increasing awareness of the disease, anti-smoking campaigns and the decline in use of hormonal therapy. In 2002, the World Health Initiative published a report that indicated that the use of hormonal therapy after menopause was associated with an increased risk of not only breast cancer, but heart diseases as well. Following the report, the incidence rate of breast cancer dropped by 7% from 2002 to 2003.While positive, the number of those affected with the disease, including their families…
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