Breast Cancer : A Disease

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Leah Wyrick
Ms. Basinger
AP Language and Composition
12 May 2017
Breast Cancer Breast cancer is a disease in which most commonly occurs in all women no matter their size, shape, race, or ethnicity. About one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer every year, a fatal disease if not discovered early. Early detection of breast cancer is key so that cancerous cells found in the breast do not spread through other parts of the body. On a positive note, however, significant advances have been made in areas of reconstruction after a mastectomy. Breast cancer, the second leading cause of death in women, motivates many women to undergo screening every year and medical advances in 3D screening evolve regularly; though no cure
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Having any of the symptoms in the breast should result in seeing a doctor to fully understand what is going on, and why it is happening.
Understanding ways to prevent breast cancer are important for all women to know and discern. Every woman is at risk of developing breast cancer, however, the risk is not equal among all women. “Some breast cancer risk factors, such as gender and family history, are not changeable. Other risk factors, like age, become more important as a woman grows older. Some of the following lifestyle characteristics could reduce the chance of developing breast cancer. Characteristics include exercise at least one and a half hours a week, maintaining a healthy body weight, and taking Aspirin or Ibuprofen twice a week can lower your chances of developing breast cancer. Alcohol consumption more than doubles the risk of women obtaining breast cancer, and smoking shows increased rates of breast cancer”(Holmes par 1). Some women may not be genetically proven to develop breast cancer, but that doesn’t mean the individual will not get cancer

Wyrick 3 without living a healthy lifestyle. Making sure to take care of ones body is an important factor in the prevention of breast cancer.
Early detection of breast cancer is finding the cancerous cells before they spread to any other part of the breast. “Early detection means using an approach that allows earlier
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