Breast Cancer : A Major Public Health Concern Among Women

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Today a major public health concern amongst women is cancer. Breast cancer is the most common as it affects one in eight women in America, and is also socialized through media more than any other cancerous disease. Uterine cancer accounts for the majority of gynecologic cancer in women but another cancer is known as the “silent killer”. According to the American Cancer Society, ovarian cancer causes more cancer deaths in women than any other cancer of the reproductive system. Ovarian cancer kills two out of three women diagnosed in America and rates have not changed in 30 years (Burges). Although ovarian cancer show more symptoms than any other gynecological cancer, it continues to be a top cancer killer in women, which result from a lack of awareness of the disease.
It is said the knowledge is power, and becoming informed in what ovarian cancer is can be the first step in diagnosing the disease before it spreads. Ovarian cancer begins in the ovaries, which are reproductive glands found in the women only. The purpose for the ovaries are to cultivate eggs or ova for procreation. The ovaries are located at each side of the uterus in the pelvis area. The ovaries are also the essential source of the female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. The ovaries are contrived of three leadings cells, at which each can foster into a different types of tumors.
• Epithetical tumor
• Germ Cell tumor
• Stromal tumor
Stromal tumors account for one percent of ovarian cancer (Rooth).…
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