Breast Cancer And Cancer Awareness Essay

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Breast Cancer Advertisements 1) Criteria for Comparison Cancer that starts in the tissues of the breast is known as breast cancer. Breast cancer is a potentially deadly disease that is one of the major causes of cancer related deaths among women. One woman in fourteen will contract breast cancer during her lifetime and one in twenty one will die of it (Fallowfield, & Clark 1991). The national breast cancer awareness is vastly known throughout the entire month of October in the United States. The goal of the campaign is to bring attention to breast cancer throughout the entire month, help women get educated, and raise awareness. The awareness campaigns offers the perfect opportunity to briefly review what breast awareness means, and how to promote it in primary care (Edwards, 2008). This paper will focus on two advertisement about breast cancer awareness, the effectiveness of two different advertisement are used to persuade their targeted audiences, and how differently they are being used to promote breast cancer awareness. The first ad "Obsessed with Breasts" is a public awareness campaign print ad that was launched in 2000, by The Breast Cancer Fund which is an eight year old non profit group based in San Francisco in response to the public health crisis of breast cancer. The Breast Cancer Fund also identifies and advocates for elimination of the environmental and other preventable causes of the disease (Breast Cancer Fund, 2014). The advertisements were placed in bus
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