Breast Cancer And Lung Cancer

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Cancer has been taking the lives of many for years now. Even though cancer has affected people for centuries, we have yet to find a cure for the disease, but we are now able to identify the different forms of cancer such as breast cancer and lung cancer. With scientific innovations, the medical field has been able to make advances in treatments. With all the new advancements, it is clear how much new information has been exposed. Exposing such information permits the public to become more knowledgeable in what illnesses surround them. Although medicine and precautionary measures to keeping one healthy has become significantly more effective, is everyone still truly safe from possibly getting lung cancer? Lung cancer is”... the cause of 12·8% of cancer cases and 17·8% of cancer deaths worldwide” (Hoffman, Mauer, and Vokes). As technology advances, researches have been able to create a list of specific symptoms that are associated with this illness. Some symptoms are: left sided soreness due to lymph nodes suffering nerve damage because of a tumor, painful coughing, chest pain, and unusual pain on the shoulder and arms due to the emergence of tumors. Symptoms can range from internal to external pain. Lung cancer has the ability to cause anorexia or weight loss, overall weakness, and becoming extremely fatigued. Lung cancer is difficult to diagnose since these symptoms aren’t exclusive to this disease, but it is rather found commonly within patients (Hoffman, Mauer, and…

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