Breast Cancer And The Use Of Exercise As Medicine

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An Overview of Breast Cancer and the Use of Exercise as Medicine
According to Moyer (2013), “breast cancer is the most common non-skin cancer in women”; this makes breast cancer a relevant topic due to its impact among the female population (p.698). To put a number to how many women breast cancer is estimated to effect in America, the American Cancer Society (2014) has a statistics stating that “every year over 200,000 American women are diagnosed with breast cancer”. With a relatively high number of women within America being diagnosed with breast cancer it is important to gain knowledge about the disease. Not only is it important to increase our information of breast cancer, but to improve our understanding of different treatments that can be offered to patients. Breast cancer is becoming a well known disease due to organizations such as American Breast Cancer Foundation, National Breast Cancer Foundation, and the American Cancer Society raising awareness. These organization help raise money for breast cancer research and provide websites that are useful when trying to obtain information. The following paper will be discussing the background of breast cancer, current treatments that are used to help fight breast cancer, and exercise program recommendations to treat breast cancer patients. The current paper will also provide a month long exercise regimen that a breast cancer patient could follow.
Breast cancer can be defined as the abnormal growth of…
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