Breast Cancer And The Use Of Exercise As Medicine

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An Overview of Breast Cancer and the Use of Exercise as Medicine
According to Moyer (2013), “breast cancer is the most common non-skin cancer in women”; this makes breast cancer a relevant topic due to its impact among the female population (p.698). To put a number to how many women breast cancer is estimated to effect in America, the American Cancer Society (2014) has a statistics stating that “every year over 200,000 American women are diagnosed with breast cancer”. With a relatively high number of women within America being diagnosed with breast cancer it is important to gain knowledge about the disease. Not only is it important to increase our information of breast cancer, but to improve our understanding of different treatments that
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These three major types of breast cancer are lobular cancer, ductal cancer, and inflammatory breast cancer (Cuppett & Walsh, 2012). When diagnosed with breast cancer a patient may have received a mammography or self-examination.
There are different signs that can indicate to an individual that they may have breast cancer. During the self- examination some signs are: “nipple discharge, inverted nipple, change in shape or size of breast, change in appearance of skin, or a lump/mass is felt during palpation” (Cuppett & Walsh, 2012, p.216-217). Then during a mammography a mass maybe seen and this can indicate the location and size of the tumor with the breast (Cuppett & Walsh, 2012). Once the mass is seen then testing can be down to tell what the tumor is consisting of which can then help with treatment options. The tumor can be made up of estrogen hormone receptors, progesterone hormone receptors, HER2 receptor or none of these receptors (Dempsey, 2013). The HER2 according to (2013), is a gene that is in charge of making a protein that develops the breast tissue cells. Depending on the size and the invasiveness of the cancer cells determines the stages of breast cancer an individual may have. Stages. For breast cancer there are five stages in which an individual can be diagnosed. When being diagnosed there are descriptions of the disease that influence the stage a person is placed into (Singletary & Connolly, 2006). The

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