Breast Cancer Awareness And Cancer

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Breast Cancer Awareness
Cancer cells can grow on any part of your body, and start when cells begin to grow out of control and eventually become invasive. What is breast cancer? (2015, June 10) The breast is made up of lobes that have 15 to 20 sections and in each lobe there are many small sections that are called lobules. The lobules end in tiny bulbs that produce milk, the bulbs, lobes, and lobules are all linked by thin tube called ducts. Breasts also contain blood and lymph vessels. Lymph vessels carry lymph between the lymph nodes, which are small bean shaped structures that can be found through out the body. Lymph nodes filter the substances that go through the lymph to help fight infection and disease. Breast Cancer Treatment, (2015
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What are the risk factors of breast cancer? (2014, September 9) Other risks include not having children or having them later in life, certain kinds of birth controls, using hormone therapy after menopause, not breastfeeding, alcohol, and being overweight or obese. Everyone one is different and won’t have the same signs and symptoms that another person may have. Early signs are usually found on the breast and are visible like lumps, skin dimpling, a change in skin color or texture, the nipple changes shape or seems to look like it is pulled, or clear or bloody fluid that leaks out of the nipple. Other signs include thickened tissue in the breast, most lumps are not cancerous but should be checked to be sure. Breast Cancer: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments (2015, July 10). Other experienced symptoms include pain in the armpits, redness of the breast, a rash on or around the nipples, the size or the shape of the breast changes and the nipple may peel, scale, or flake. Very often, these symptoms are not related to cancer but if you have any of these symptoms the best thing to do is get your breasts evaluated to rule out the worse cause, which is breast cancer. Symptoms and signs (2015, July 23) There is a series of tests that are done to rule out of diagnosis breast cancer. One very common test is a
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