Breast Cancer Awareness: Outline

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Must also include the following type of Outline. Thesis Statement and Outline What is your thesis statement? With that said, according to the statistics, it appears that Breast Cancer awareness and education is definitely focused on less with men than women for many reasons Introduction It is clear that there is plenty of awareness when it comes down to breast cancer in general. Men and women are both plagued by this disease but it appears that this chronic illness has less attention with men that women. This chronic illness comes in many forms such as breast cancer which is in both sexes. Any form of chronic illness such as breast cancer in men and women can of course be totally terrifying for the person. However, it is important to make sure that both receive equal amount of attention, considering that this is a dangerous disease. What is Breast Cancer? A. Defining breast cancer in men and women 1. The difference in men awareness 2. The difference in women and its awareness 3. How breast cancer is formed B. Dealing with a chronic illness and its awareness 1. Challenges for men 2. Challenges for women 3. The differences in men and women III. Historical Background: Where the lack of Awareness and Education Started A. History of women getting awareness over men. 1. Women first studies and their awareness 2. Lack of awareness in men throughout history 3. Historical women with breast cancer and the lack of men and its awareness B.

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