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The Grand Rounds Research Project: Breast Cancer
To hear you have breast cancer can be a very shocking thing. “Besides skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed among women in America as of 2015” (breastcancer,2015). First step is to know what you are dealing with when your doctor believes you have cancer, you will want to know what cancer is and how your doctor can detect it. Next your doctor will go over different stages of breast cancer that will help come to a conclusion on your next step. Lastly you and your doctor will go over the different treatment plan that best fits you. This journey a women or man will take when being diagnosed with cancer is a long and hard one but, with the help from your doctors and the knowledge you can get through this.
Carcinoma is a cancer that develops from the epithelial cells, which begins in the tissue that lines the outer and inner surface of the body. Breast cancer is a growth of mutated cells that forms in the lobules, the ducts, and also the stromal tissue of the breast. Stromal tissue is the fatty fibrous tissue that holds and supports the breast. The cause of these mutated cells is the change in the genes that is responsible of healthy cell growth. These genes can be inherited from family genetics or the most common way which is the aging process. With this process the healthy cells replace themselves with new ones and the old cells die out, but with family genetics and age these cells no longer die out
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