Breast Cancer: Case Study

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Article I chose for week four assignment, is from The Journal of Public Health," Benign breast disease and subsequent beast cancer".
1. State the type of study that was conducted (see methods section of article, it must be one of the above study types).

The article used prospective cohort. After standard data is gathered, subjects in a forthcoming associate study are then taken after "longitudinally," i.e. over a timeframe, for the most part for quite a long time, to figure out whether and when they get to be sick and whether their introduction status changes results.

2. What is the research question?

The research question , the risk of breast cancer after benign breast disease has been recognized.

3. What was known or unknown before
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The time frame of the pathologist diagnostic criteria of cancer to be malignant. The study was in line with original question, women given a result of BBD were readamitted with diagnosis of breast cancer. The data found in this research shown how important BBD is a risk factor of beast cancer for a least twenty years.

6. What recommendation(s) did the researcher offer for future studies (see conclusions)?

The recommendations made for further studies required for an explanation of high risk of breast cancer found during the first week of benign breast disease finding.

7. Do you feel the findings and research design are real and valid? Why or why not? Please review the lesson for this week and your text book readings to understand what is meant by valid.

Yes I do feel the findings of this research was valid between BBD and breast cancer. Two data link were used , Oxford and England to cover population of women with Benign breast disease. According to the research the ORLS date provide long duration of follow up and English data provided a much larger population in a shorter follow up.


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