Breast Cancer Develops From The Breast Tissue

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Breast Cancer Breast cancer develops from the breast tissue. It occurs when abnormal cells in the breast divide uncontrollably and form tumours. The tumours are either a lump or a thickening of body tissue. According to cancer research UK, in 2012, there was 50,750 new cases of breast cancer in women and 353 new cases of breast cancer in men, in the UK. There was also 11,716 deaths from breast cancer. ( 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer within their lifetime and is the second highest cause of death from cancer in women in the UK.…show more content…
(Treatment of breast cancer) Stage 1 breast cancer is indicated when the tumour is still within the breast tissue and is no larger then 2 centimetres. Stage 2 breast cancer is when cancer cells can now be detected within the lymph nodes of the armpit, the tumour is now greater than 2 centimetres. The tumour in stage 3 breast cancer can now be any size, cancer cells have spread to the chest wall and the lymph nodes near the breastbone. Stage 4 breast cancer is also know as invasive or metastatic breast cancer. The cancer cells have spread outside of the breast to other organs and tissues of the body. (Breast Cancer, Kathleen N. Lohr)
One of the main stages in detecting breast cancer is self-examinations, as this allows the patients to identify suspicious lumps and to go see their GP, who will then refer them to a medical oncologist. Routine screening(most commonly as mammograms) is a system put in place to detect cancer at early stages as there is a long growth period before the symptoms start to show, this is also known as the detectable preclinical phase.(Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer Series: Breast Cancer) There are two types of mammograms: screening and diagnostic. Diagnostic mammograms show a more detailed x-ray of the breast and can show the exact location of the abnormality. Screening mammograms are usually aimed at
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