Breast Cancer Is Not Just A Disease That Strikes At Women

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz stated that, “Breast cancer is not just a disease that strikes at women. It strikes at the very heart of who we are as women: how others perceive us, how we perceive ourselves, how we live, work and raise our families-or whether we do these things at all.” 1.3 million women will be diagnosed every year over the next 20 years, and the culprit, breast cancer, will kill 11 million of those women. Breast cancer can be a very deadly disease, but it can also be one of the easiest cancers to get rid of if men and women take the right precautions. Many different methods are used to find and cure breast cancer. Different stages and types of breast cancer are unique to each and every person. Breast cancer is a rising concern and affects many people in different ways, but with the right knowledge and awareness lives can be saved. Breast cancer is a very common disease in women. Simply stated, cancer that forms in the breast cells is breast cancer. Breast cancer appears when the breast cells start growing and dividing too fast. The cells begin dividing faster then the normal cells and a lump or mass is formed (Breast Cancer). Some of these tumors, though, are benign; these tumors are not cancerous and do not spread throughout the body. Other tumors are malignant; they are cancerous and able to spread throughout the body (Braddock 3-4). What causes breast cancer is not clear, but there are many risk factors that can lead to breast cancer. Being a female and
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