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Breast Cancer Breast cancer is a disease that is becoming more and more popular in this day of age. One in every eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer (Breast Cancer, 2010). Women and men who suffer from breast cancer not only are fighting cancer but are also fighting the psychological aspects of the disease. Breast Cancer is the second most diagnosed cancer among women in the United States right behind skin cancer. Women are now surviving breast cancer a lot more frequently because of the treatments out there to help. In 2008, the number of breast cancer survivors was 2.5 million (Breast Cancer, 2010). The numbers of survivors is an increasing state because the research and treatments are growing. There are many ways of…show more content…
The physician may order a mammogram or ultra sound. Women are recommended to have yearly mammograms after the age 40, but earlier if breast cancer runs in the family (National Cancer Institute). A mammogram detects lumps in the breast and is an x-ray picture of tissues inside a person’s breast. It may detect a lump before it is even felt by someone. A ultrasound also is a test that can show details of the breast lump and its sound waves creates pictures showing if the lump is solid, filled with fluid or a little of both. When it shows a sign of a more solid lump it is greater risk of cancer (National Cancer Institute). Once a breast lump is detected and shows signs of being cancerous the lump is then removed or biopsied. Biopsy is a tissue removal which is looking for cancerous cells. There are several different types of biopsies, but is the true way to tell if these cells in the breast are cancerous. These different types of biopsies are fine-needle aspiration, core biopsy, skin biopsy or surgical biopsy. After the tissue is removed then they can send it to the lab to determine if a person has cancer or not (National Cancer Institute). The lump will then be considered either benign or malignant. Benign is good meaning no cancer present, but malignant means that there is cancer present in the tumor. After determining that a person has breast cancer it must then be staged.

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