Breast Cancer Essay

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Breast Cancer

The thought of having breast cancer is frightening to every woman, and devastating to some. However, ignoring the possibility that you may get breast cancer, or avoiding the things you should do to detect and avoid cancer, can be even more dangerous.

Breast cancer is a devastating disease that may affect one out of nine women in the United States. This year alone, a patient will be diagnosed every three minutes and a woman will die from breast cancer every thirteen minutes. Unfortunately, there is still little known about the disease’s cause or cure. Currently the only means of increasing a breast cancer victim’s chance of survival is early detection by annual breast exams and education about the disease.

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Of the cases of breast cancer diagnosed every year, 70% of the patients have none of the risk factors. It is important to understand what are the real risk factors and how they affect the chances of developing breast cancer. Some of the main risk factors that women should be aware of include: family history of breast cancer, increased age, and any previous diagnosis of other breast or ovarian cancers. While a woman’s family history and genetic makeup cannot be controlled, there are certain risk factors that can be modified in an attempt to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. Many experts believe woman could prevent a lot of breast cancers with lifestyle changes.

One of those factors includes being overweight. Numerous studies have linked an increase weight and height with a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer. After a woman goes through menopause, being overweight can increase a woman’s risk by about twenty to thirty percent. Excess body weight and extra fat increase the production of estrogen outside the ovaries and contributes to the overall level of estrogen in the body. Therefore, making healthy lifestyle choices can be good for a woman at any time in her life.

Weight control also ties in with the amount of physical activity a woman has in her daily life. Exercise may lower a woman’s lifetime risk of acquiring the disease. Doctors believe that activity reduces

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