Breast Cancer : The Most Common Type Of Cancer Among Women

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Every minute a woman dies of breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women. Every year, invasive breast cancer is diagnosed in 180,000 women alone. Doctors have not been able to find the cure yet, but they are not giving up. Thanks to nonprofit charities, such as the Susan G. Komen, researchers are receiving enough money that is donated to breast cancer to look deeper and try to find ways to cure and to help prevent such a fatal disease. It’s really important for not only women to understand the symptoms but men, too. Early detection of breast cancer helps prevent fatalities among men and women. Prevalent confusion is spreading rapid about breast cancer and what causes it. If one has a…show more content…
After that lower the right arm slightly and with the left hand, check the right underarm. This procedure helps check for lumps, knots or thickenings. Repeat once more on the other side using the same procedures. A woman should check for other significant symptoms like a bloody discharge from the nipple, change in the size of the breast, peeling of the nipple skin, inverted nipple, or redness over your breast. Women over the age of twenty years should perform self examinations every month. By examining one’s breasts every month one would be alert if there are changes in the breast that are not ordinary. Most lumps are not known to be cancerous but one should not hesitate to get it checked out. Screening would be an option if breast cancer is suspected in early development. The most frequent screening that is used is the clinical breast exam. If one doesn’t understand how to do the self-examination then she could go to a clinic and have her breasts examined there. The mammographer presses on the breast to feel for abnormalities and lumps that could be cause a fatal experience. Furthermore, breast ultrasounds are used as a testing tool to find out if the tumor is solid or liquid. There are many positives about this tool! One won’t have to go through radiation, and its very accurate in determining if the tumor is cancerous or not. The preparation for this
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