Breast Cancer Treatment And Therapy With Nanomedicine

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Breast cancer treatment and therapy with nanomedicine is a fad nowadays and rightfully so, it is the need of the minute. The incidence rate of breast cancer has witnessed a minimum 10-fold increase in the past few decades. The mortality rate in women is rising and breast cancer is a major contributing factor. Due to several changes in the hormonal, nutritional and environmental factors over the years, there is a shift observed in the rise of breast cancer. At a point, conventional mammography for detection and early treatment was the focal point but with the advent of research methodologies, nanomedicine has come into play. The scientific world is encouraged to develop methods that utilize nanoparticles for targeting the vicious breast cancer tumors. The cardinal reason for the preference of nanoparticles is its minute size and structure. In addition, the surge in the demand is also due to the much-favoured ability of the nano particulates for the therapeutic delivery of the drug and the reduced cytotoxic effects to the surrounding tissues. This, along with the former characterisitic, invariably leads to the increase in demand of the nanoparticles.
The ongoing nanoparticle systems have provided a semi-solid foundation in mitigating tumours but further arenas are being explored in cancer therapeutics so as to enhance the drug delivery process. The researchers have suggested and made use of nanoparticles in the size range of 1 -100 nm. Nanoparticles are known to elicit a…

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