Breast Feeding And Bottle Feeding

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Breast Feeding and Bottle Feeding in Relation to Nursing Practice By Stephen Samson 201201274 Presented to Dr. Judith Cormier Nursing 355:10 Perinatal Nursing Department of Nursing St. Francis Xavier University October 7, 2014 Abstract Research has shown that nursing implications have an impact on breast-feeding and bottle-feeding; the main three aspects that allow nurses to have an impact are teaching, collaboration, and support. Under these three sections there will be discussion about the benefits and the risk of Brest/bottle feeding, ho teaching promotes understanding, how the community supports and specialist help with the promotion of breast feeding, and how nurses can use the social determinates of health to promote the well being of there clients. Breast-feeding versus bottle feeding In the paper I will be disscussing breast-feeding / bottle feeding, and the implications towards nursing practice. As nurses there is three main things that we can do to help mothers with, the teaching aspect towards breast-feeding vs bottle feeding, the collaboration aspect, and also the support needed to continue breast-feeding. The purpose of this paper is to identify the stigmas attached to breast-feeding, to view the family beliefs, to see the effects of family support, and the understanding of why knowledge is necessary for breast-feeding. i will also talk about specific social determinants of health that impact on the ability to breast-feed. The
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